This is The Healing Butterfly Touch current list of Services

Reiki Session:                     1 hour Approx.             AUD$70

Aura-Soma Consultation: 1 hour Approx.             AUD$70

Aura-Soma Consultation + Bottle:                         AUD$130

Aura-Soma Chakra Massage: 1.5 Hours Approx. AUD$90

In Partnership with Jiva Yoga Chapel Hill  IMG_8411

Yoga classes:                         1Hour.                          AUD$15 Casual.

AUD$100 Monthly (up to 3 classes per week)


We hold Monthly meditations and Workshops.  Look at our “Events” page for more information!


Take a look at our Crystals Sale page to see what is in stock at the moment.

Need something else? Use our Contact Us page.