Dr Cristiana Caria is a spiritual teacher and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Coach, who works with the Quantum Strategy Dynamics (SQD) Methodology defined by Danah Zohar.

She was born in Italy and was educated at the University of Bologna in Humanities and Arts. At the age of 14 she had a major accident and, while she was in coma, she had a near-death experience. This event changed the course of her life as she started looking for a way to re-connect to “the other part”.

She lived in Australia from 2000 to 2006 and during that time she attended many courses on Spiritual Healing, Crystals, Aura-Soma® and Numerology.

In 2002, she started working at a Holistic Centre as a Colour Consultant and Spiritual Healer.  Later, she was asked to teach meditation courses and seminars for the development of the spiritual aspect and the inner potential.

In 2004, Cristiana begun to travel back to Italy twice a year to teach her classes and courses and because of her intense work overseas, in January 2006 she moved back to her country where now she is a very active teacher.

The Australian experience was very positive and insightful. There, Cristiana met Mike Booth, principal of Aura-Soma Ltd and heir of Vicky Wall, founder of the system, and after her return became very soon his official Italian translator and organizer, bringing many international students and people to attend his workshop in Italy and UK. Now she is one of the most accredited Aura-Soma teachers in the world.

She has also founded the International Initiation School in Carpi, Italy and has been running many training programs with the aim to raise the level of consciousness of humanity.

Due to the current circumstances, Cristiana can’t come physically to Australia, but will be offering these courses for the Australian group in 2021. See below for descriptions for each course.

ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY PART 2 – 4 day course – (Pre-requisite: Esoteric Astrology Part 1). Jan 23rd-26th 2021 530€. (FINISHED)
The Planets and your Chart Aspects.

In an astrological chart there are 3 levels of consciousness based on the 3 crosses – the mutable cross, related to personality, connected to form, body and mass consciousness; the fixed cross, associated to the disciple, the one who is aiming to align to the soul and that is working on taming the ego; and then the initiate, the one who has become completely transparent (selfless) and that allows the energy of Spirit to flow through.

The first two crosses move clock-wise, as the individual is completely subjected to the energy of the stars. The last one moves anti clock-wise as the initiate has managed to free himself from the dependency from the stars and he is now using the energy that flows through them to co-create with the creator.

The aim of this course trilogy is to teach the student how to read an astrological chart and understand the potential of growth that it hides showing how it is possible to transform a challenge into a gift and rise in consciousness. As consciousness expresses itself through colour, our journey will be supported by the Aura-Soma colour-care® system astrology colour and Equilibrium bottles attributions in order to enhance the understanding of our soul journey through time.

MASTER CLASS 3 – Numbers as Creation and Creators – 2 days course – (Pre requisite: Foundation in Esoteric Numerology)  Jan 30th-31st 2021. 250€ (POSTPONED)

In this module, we explore the dynamic, ever-changing aspect of the structure of creation.  We follow the traces of the movement of numbers and cycles, re-creating creation.

DIPLOMA COURSE (Pre-requisite: Foundation in Esoteric Numerology)

Part 1 March 26th-31st, 2021 (6 days)  933.30€

Part 2 Aug 3rd-8th 2021 (6 days)  933.30€

The Diploma course offers a deeper understanding of relationships and karma and focuses on the development of intuition. It goes deeper into translating information from numbers in order to access the wisdom of the Soul.  Visualisations are used in this course, as well as more developed systems of chart readings.  By the end of the Diploma course you will have acquired a depth of understanding of numbers and charts to be able to offer a professional chart-reading service to the public.

If you are interested on these courses, please contact Clara Donini on clara.donini@internationalinitiationschool.com and copy healing.butterfly.touch@gmail.com.  Please specify you are part of the Australian group.

Also, talk to Clara if you need a payment plan, so she can set you up.  Additionally, if you are re-sitting any of these courses, please let her know, so she can provide the re-sit price.