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July Meditation Night

July 18th, 2018. 7pm - 9pm.
Come and join us on our Meditation night. Our Guest Speaker is Tess Elliot, Artist, Creative and Art Therapist. For 17 years, she has been creating transpersonal workshops and retreats through creative arts activities, inner child wisdom sessions and Earth ~ Eco-spirituality practices.
On this night, Tess will help us reflect about "Our Wildness of Being". Our natural instinctual Self has been so tamed or shunned, yet we find our Soul drawing us naturally back from extinction, to reclaim this natural and necessary wildness of Being.
Meditation nights are free. Please bring a small plate to share!

Courses with Cristiana Caria

We have Cristiana Caria coming to Brisbane in May to offer 2 of her amazing courses.

* Esoteric Numerology and The Rays of Theosophy Workshop - Aug 12th
* Foundation in Esoteric Numerology 2 - Aug 14th - 19th
* The Initiatic Journey through the Esoteric Tarot - Part 2 - Aug 21th - 26th
For more details about these courses, go to

September Reiki Share

Sep 1st. 2pm - 5pm
This event is open to all Reiki Practitioners (All Levels) who want to practice, share their experiences and grow.  At our Reiki shares, we integrate a learning component, so we can all refresh some of Reiki‚Äôs basic principles.  This month, we will focus on positions for the back and when to use them.
Cost: $10. Light refreshment offered.

A Day of Colour

Sept 9th, 2018. 9am - 5pm
An Introduction to Colour. In this workshop you will get an overview that will allow you to map how colours relate to your body, mind and spirit and their influence in your life.
In this workshop you will:
- Learn basic Concepts about the Chakra System
- Get an overview of organs and functions related to each chakra
- Get a basic understanding of Colours related to the Chakra system and how to identify an imbalance
- Do exercises and have experiences related to this new understanding of colour
Handouts, Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea provided.
$80 investment
BYO Lunch

September Meditation Night

September 19th, 2018. 7pm - 9pm.
Come and join us on our Meditation night. Our Guest Speaker is Carlos Pineres, Musician, Creative and Yoga Instructor. He will bring in some live music to allow us to move our body intuitively.
More info coming soon!
Meditation nights are free. Please bring a small plate to share!

Stress no more - Recover your Power

October 6th, 1pm - 6pm
In this workshop you will :
- Discover your major stressors
- Understand how your body functions
- Learn how to support your body to restore its balance
- Learn some techniques to recover your power
Handouts and a light afternoon tea are included
Cost: $50

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