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For enquiries, send an e-mail to Maria on healing.butterfly.touch@gmail.com or text 0411 654 207

Stress no more - Recover your Power

June 29th, 2019. 1pm - 6pm
This is a beautiful workshop, where we will focus in the Solar Plexus and its characteristics. In this workshop you will :
- Discover your major stressors
- Understand how your body functions
- Learn how to support your body to restore its balance
- Learn some techniques to recover your power
Handouts and a light afternoon tea are included
Cost: $50
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Reiki Share - June

June 30th, 2019 - 2pm - 5pm
This event is open to all Reiki Practitioners (All Levels) who want to practice, share their experiences and grow. At our Reiki shares, we integrate a learning component, so we can all refresh some of Reiki’s basic principles.
This month, we will focus on how Reiki can help relieving grief.
Cost: $20. Light refreshment offered.
Message Maria on 0411 654 207 or email healing.butterfly.touch@gmail.com for any enquiries.
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