Esoteric Numerology Consultation

Numbers are an expression of our Consciousness and in an Esoteric Numerology Consultation we look at the influence they have in your life, according to your name and date of birth.

We are able to see the messages behind the numbers, observe the cycles within your life and help you gain a deeper understanding of what may be going on for you in the present moment and coming months, seen from the Soul’s perspective and its Karmic intent.

It is not to be seen as fortune telling, as this is not its purpose.  This is more like a map, which will allow you accept what is, have a new perspective of life and go with the flow with more ease.

When booking your appointment, you need to provide your full name as per your Birth Certificate, your date of birth and whether you were born in the morning or afternoon. If you would like to additionally see some Astrology elements in your chart, you need to provide the exact time and place of birth.

If you are currently using a different name, this might also be useful, but not essential for
the consultation.

Consultation Time: 1.5 hour long

Numerology only Cost: $150

Numerology with Astrology elements Cost: $200

After booking online, you will receive an e-mail to request your date of birth, full name as per birth certificate and whether you were born either in the morning or the afternoon.

For enquiries, please click below.