Reiki Distance Healing

The effects of a Reiki Distance Healing are the same as the ones from a presencial healing.

The difference between them is the awareness the recipient has of the treatment.  Usually, a person who is sensitive to energy would feel when the healing is taking place.  However, most people, especially those who haven’t done much spiritual work won’t be aware of when the healing is taking place. 

Nevertheless, the results will be experienced by the client.  In the same way as per a presencial healing, the results could vary from a sense of calm and relaxation, to a triggering of a memory or emotion that needs to be dealt with, or immediate physical pain relief among others.

The client will need to be in a receptive mode in order to take the most advantage from the healing. For this reason, I prefer to do the distance healing while the person is asleep, as this will allow for the least amount of disturbance in the connection.  The next day, I will discuss with the client what came up for them, so we can work out a plan of action.

Cost: $60

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 This will take place outside the normal hours of operation, so it will need to be discussed.