2021, What is in store for us?

We have discussed 2020 in previous articles. A year that was here to shake the ground, remove what needed to disappear in order to give room to the new foundations. 
2+0+2+0=4. 4 is known as harmony through conflict, so in order to create the harmony, the new structure, there has to be a period of destruction, movement, disruption.
20 symbolises gestation, so we have been gestating what is to be born soon.
The year finalised with the marker of the move into the age of Aquarius. Of course, this is a transition and it will take time for us to fully live in this new energy.
The year 2021 brings a different vibration. If we look at it as it is, 20 and 21, we can see there is a sequence to be followed. A continuation of what was happening in 2020, but with a difference.  
21 speaks of giving birth to an idea.  So, in this year we start cementing the new ideas. 21 can help us bring out our gifts into the world if we allow ourselves to align to the Bigger Plan.
2+0+2+1=5. 5 brings the vibration of change, but after studying what happened before, after analysing, understanding it, so it can bring an upliftment and a different perspective to the situation.  So, we might expect a lot of revelations that will result in improvements, and moving into a better way of living.
If we look at 2021 as 20+2+1=23/5.  23 is a very sensitive number.  We could go up and down.  We could have emotional moments, but we need to use our emotions as guides, rather than an excuse to be thrown off the rails.  Let’s look at anything that comes up for us, acknowledge it, accept it, give it room, and see what misunderstandings need to be disolved and resolved.  In this way, we will be able to come closer to expressing our gifts that may have been hidden up to now.
This is a year to reveal your gifts, to deepen your intuition and should you accept to work in your life’s mission, a year of expansion and growth.
I see it as a less violent year, although there might be some difficult revelations that may take us by surprise.  Let’s embrace this new year with excitement. Let’s honour our inner Truth and live in accordance to the guidance of our heart.
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Rainbow Bridge

We are coming to the end of 2020. As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, this has been a year that required a lot of shaking, removing the old, cleansing the ground to make room for the new.

Astrologically, the year started with a double planetary conjunction and was followed by 3 triple planetary conjunctions that took place throughout the year. At some point, there were 10 celestial bodies going in retrograde and numerologically there have been quite a few interesting and very powerful dates.  All this, has had an effect on everyone of us at different levels, according to where we are at in terms of our personal life cycles and our individual level of awareness.

In Australia, the year started with an intense fire season that began at the back end of 2019, which clearly sent a message of renewal and rebirth. Apart from other natural disasters, the world has seen a pandemic that has changed the way we live our lives.  It has asked us to re-evaluate our values, what truly matters for us and what we stand for.   It has helped us recognise the importance of human connections, it has brought to the light some of our deep seated fears, our shadows, and overall has shaken us, so we can take a stocktake and move forward in a new way.

2021 is a progression of what happened this year, helping us recognise our gifts and put them into use to move up into the next level.

But before that, we have this month to look forward to.  With Christmas upon us, people are starting to prepare for the festive season, and depending where in the world you live, this will take a different shape to that of previous years.  In Australia we are quite fortunate and perhaps our celebrations can go ahead as usual, but for so many people around the globe, this is not the case.  Christmas will have to be celebrated with so many restrictions and amongst so much uncertainty and fear.

However, for some, the real celebration is about what is taking place on the 21st of December: “The Magic Box activation at Uluru”.  This is related to a prophecy that says that crystals from the Pleiades that were placed inside Uluru are ready to be activated on the solstice on December 21st.  There is a caveat though, there has to be a certain amount of people with pure hearts connecting, so on that day, at 9:01 pm NT time, 9:05 pm AEST, please send love and divine energy to the site.  Also, do the work you’ve been asked to do in these recent times.  Meditate often and be mindful of any processes taken place within, so you can clear the old fears and programs you no longer need.

Many people are preparing meditation gatherings on that day and some have been summoned to actually go to Uluru.

It is said that upon the activation of these crystals, the vibration of the planet will raise considerably and it will help cleansing the Earth, and all who are able to tune in will live at this higher vibration.

This prophecy has been only known to the Aboriginal tribe of the Uluru country and they have been working and doing ceremonies for 9 years already.

This rise in vibration will help us connect to so many gifts that we haven’t recognised until this point in time, which ties in with what 2021 has in store for us.  Being a year 5, we will be invited to “express” to the world who we truly are.

So, we are currently moving on a rainbow bridge that is taking us across from the old into the new.  It is a highly vibrational bridge that can only be walked if we decide to tune in and trust.

How are you feeling?  Have you had to leave anything behind?

Are you keeping a spiritual practice that is helping you balance any emotional fluctuations?

Tell us how you are doing.  We would love to know if you are sensing these changes.