2021, What is in store for us?

We have discussed 2020 in previous articles. A year that was here to shake the ground, remove what needed to disappear in order to give room to the new foundations. 
2+0+2+0=4. 4 is known as harmony through conflict, so in order to create the harmony, the new structure, there has to be a period of destruction, movement, disruption.
20 symbolises gestation, so we have been gestating what is to be born soon.
The year finalised with the marker of the move into the age of Aquarius. Of course, this is a transition and it will take time for us to fully live in this new energy.
The year 2021 brings a different vibration. If we look at it as it is, 20 and 21, we can see there is a sequence to be followed. A continuation of what was happening in 2020, but with a difference.  
21 speaks of giving birth to an idea.  So, in this year we start cementing the new ideas. 21 can help us bring out our gifts into the world if we allow ourselves to align to the Bigger Plan.
2+0+2+1=5. 5 brings the vibration of change, but after studying what happened before, after analysing, understanding it, so it can bring an upliftment and a different perspective to the situation.  So, we might expect a lot of revelations that will result in improvements, and moving into a better way of living.
If we look at 2021 as 20+2+1=23/5.  23 is a very sensitive number.  We could go up and down.  We could have emotional moments, but we need to use our emotions as guides, rather than an excuse to be thrown off the rails.  Let’s look at anything that comes up for us, acknowledge it, accept it, give it room, and see what misunderstandings need to be disolved and resolved.  In this way, we will be able to come closer to expressing our gifts that may have been hidden up to now.
This is a year to reveal your gifts, to deepen your intuition and should you accept to work in your life’s mission, a year of expansion and growth.
I see it as a less violent year, although there might be some difficult revelations that may take us by surprise.  Let’s embrace this new year with excitement. Let’s honour our inner Truth and live in accordance to the guidance of our heart.
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