The Life cycle of the butterfly and humans

If we observe the life cycle of the butterfly carefully, we can’t fail to notice how close this process is to what humans go through when in a period of expansion and growth.  It is no surprise that there are so many commonly used phrases that liken the process to our life’s experiences. 


We all start like that little larvae inside the egg.  The newborn caterpillar eats the shell of the egg where it was born.  At the start of our lives, we are learning to live in the world and our first instinct is survival; we would do what is needed in order to survive.  We are looking for self-satisfaction and we don’t recognize other people’s needs until we become more aware.


The little caterpillar finds a plant and very happily feeds itself until it is all consumed.  I am not sure if you have been the victim of a caterpillar eating your plants, but they don’t leave one leaf to spare.  At this stage, we are very unaware of our actions and their consequences.  We move around happily consuming, taking and just doing the survival “stuff”.


The caterpillar starts to grow and needs to shed its skin several times, so it can continue growing.  Life circumstances push us in different directions: our studies, career, relationships and in the same way as the caterpillar, we need to “shed our skin”, detach from old identifications, face our problems and grow.


All of a sudden, the caterpillar starts feeling heavy; it is not so easy to move around, it becomes slow until it can’t move anymore.  At some point, we feel we can’t continue living in the same way we have so far. We start questioning the whole of our existence.  We know something has to change and life becomes heavy and difficult.  This forces us into a deep self-inquiry and pushes us into an existential crisis.  What next?


The caterpillar starts to build a cocoon, a protective layer that will keep it safe while going through its metamorphosis.  While in crisis, we tend to isolate and find a safe place to reflect and move through what is to come.  We do this instinctively; we generally have less contact with friends, as we want to be alone.  We need to be in the dark, in order to find our light.


The caterpillar in its chrysalis stage goes through a series of changes.  In fact, now the caterpillar is called a pupa and has to let go of its old structure.  It dissolves almost completely, only leaving the essential organs as it starts to transform.  As we go into the dark, we have the opportunity to let go of anything that no longer serves us for the next stage in the evolution of our being.  It is dark, so it is scary.  We don’t know what is happening to us, so we can only follow our inner guide.


The caterpillar allows for the process to continue organically, while us as humans, sometimes stop this process abruptly by finding ways to avoid the pain that these changes and transformations are bringing to our life.  We have forgotten to trust and may resist what life is putting in front of us.  Some of us decide to numb ourselves, in order not to feel and pretend all is well.  The numbness mechanisms can be pills, drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive practices.  If we persist in doing this, our growth is stalled. However, if we are courageous and decide to face our pain, it starts to dissolve and we can continue our transformational and healing process.


The pupa starts to form the wings and the new body.  When ready, the butterfly will break the chrysalis and make its way out.  It is important that the butterfly does this on its own, so the wings can be expanded and strengthened.  In the same way, we need to come out of the crisis on our own.  No one can do it for us. We may have a support network that will be around us, cheering us on, giving us advice and guidance, but it is only us that can take the necessary steps to heal. We need to get up and expand our new wings and use our new body, our new tools, our expanded mind and consciousness.  We need to be courageous and determined to move through and face the next stage that may be bring many changes to our life: maybe new friends, career, a new place. We won’t be the same that came into the chrysalis.  We will be forever changed, transformed as the butterfly.

Why don’t you think like me?

There are 7.7 billion people on planet Earth and yet, we expect people to see things in the same way we do.  There are many conflicts, at a big or lower scale, caused by our belief that our way of seeing things is the correct one and anyone seeing anything different must be out of their minds.  We want to be right and want to make sure others agree to this.

We all have very different experiences from the moment we are born.  Even siblings experience their parents, school, friendships very differently from one another.  As we grow up, we create belief systems according to those experiences, according to our culture, our faith and so on.  So, it is very ludicrous to expect that we could and should all see things in the same way.

Every situation we live, contributes towards helping us build the qualities we need to express our purpose; the teacher at school, the boyfriend that didn’t appreciate us, the mother who was overprotective, the friend that was always there for us, etc.

There is a phrase attributed to the Talmudic tradition that says: “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”.  We shape the world according to our experiences, thus naturally resulting on us creating concepts of how things should or shouldn’t be.

In the beginnings of our personal evolutionary path, we would always want to be right and treat anyone with a different perspective as an “idiot”, as an “ignorant”, and so on.

As we start to grow, we are able to understand that we are all different, even when we have certain affinities.  Lee Carroll, Kryon’s channeller, told a story about an exercise he applied at one of his lessons to illustrate this. He gave people a piece of paper and asked them to secretly write what political party they were associated with or supported. When they revealed the percentages of people on each party, people were surprised to see how, even when they all had in common this type of spiritual curiosity and openness, they could differ so much on other aspects, such as their political views.

It is also important to understand that each of us is travelling through a journey and those views of the world will give us exactly the experiences we need to grow into our next step in the evolution of our consciousness, or to align to our purpose.

Given this, it is neither important to convince anyone of our ideas, nor to justify ourselves for our choices, or treat others as if they couldn’t think for themselves just because they don’t think like us.

We are facing a very strong difference in opinions on how things should be done at the moment. Before you rush to judge others for their position and opinions, consider that none of us has the absolute truth and that we must respect and honour each others’ paths.

We don’t know anything about other people’s journey and so although it is ok to voice our ideas and argue our opinions, it is not for us to take anything personal, create conflict and division.

Easier said than done? Yes, this is true.

Pythagoras required for his mystical school apprentices to be silent in the presence of an elder for a period of 2 years. After this time, he would encourage them to voice their opinions with each other without engaging in emotional activity.  This was a process in which they would cleanse their emotional body, so it wouldn’t cloud their words and actions.

Whilst we can’t be in silence for 2 years in the modern world and continue to operate in it, we can become conscious of our own reactions and start examining our behaviour and the egoic need to be right.

A Course in Miracles asks: “Would you rather be right or happy?”.  What is your answer!

Leave me a comment below!   I would like to hear your ideas about the topic.

A Telephone Box or Time Machine?

Image sourced from Wikipedia.


There are many British people who have made Australia home, and one of them decided to bring a piece of Britain to their current home.

A while ago, I was driving with my son through a semi rural area near where I live in Brisbane, Australia.  Suddenly, we see an old red telephone box, similar to the one in the picture, featured as part of one of the property’s outdoors decoration.

I thought it was hilarious to see this here, but what was most surprising to me was to hear my son say: “A time machine”.

My son is only 9 years old and he was born in the times of mobile phones, social media and instant communication.

He has never seen an actual telephone box, as by now they have all been removed.  To him, this could only be related to a time machine from one of the popular sci-fi shows.

What a mind opener this moment was for me! The meaning we give to things are not related to the actual object, but to our own conceptual mind structure, our stories and our life circumstances.

We might live our lives with some ideas about ourselves, some identification to who we are, or who we are supposed to be, some limiting beliefs that don’t allow us to grow and shift our reality.

I’m currently going through a 67/13/4 period and have been through a big transformational stage, where things are changing and expanding in my life. So, I noticed that I was stuck to certain ideas about myself that were not allowing me to accept great blessings into my life.  I noticed that this 67 period is helping me break those limiting beliefs and simply accept how I am being asked to use my gifts and serve.  It has taught me to be more flexible and detach from my own ideas.  After all, it is not my plan, but Thy Plan that I came here to execute.  As explained by Claudine Aegerter, the Principal of the Connaissance School of Numerology, 67 helps us “move from being a prisoner in our own minds to serve something higher”.

So, is it a time machine or a telephone box? It all depends on the consciousness observing the object in question.  Be ready to detach from your ideas of the world and its circumstances, be open to expand your awareness and accept a new concept to be presented in your life, so you can serve with devotion to the higher plan.



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Dropping the Struggle

We’ve all heard the phrase “drop the struggle”, but what does it mean and how do we do it?

Our natural instinct is to try to control everything that happens in our lives.  Our brain is only looking to help us survive and that is its natural behaviour.  However, when things don’t go to plan, we resist, we fight against whatever life is presenting us with and we create stress, anxiety and other emotions that can feel very heavy in our heart.  Fear is a major contributor to this process, as we are not comfortable with not knowing what lies ahead in our future.  

Although it is a survival mechanism embedded in our brains, it only makes things worse for us, as the more we fear, the more anxiety we experience, the more stress we create and it becomes a vicious cycle that grows like a snowball unless we stop the process.

What do we do then? 

There is a grounding technique used often in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) called “Dropping Anchor”.  Just like a boat would do in the harbour as it is caught in the middle of a storm.  This technique will help us come back to the present moment and be able to observe what is going on without being dragged by the storm.  Here is a link to a video that offers a simple guide on how to apply the technique. 

As we manage to come back to the present moment, we can practice some mindfulness exercises.  We can observe our thoughts patterns and catch the story we are making up in our minds.   By doing this, we would be able to keep some distance from the story and avoid getting hooked.

Following this, we can remember that live is happening FOR us, not TO us.  Anything that is going on in our lives, is giving us exactly what we need in order to grow and expand our consciousness.  It will help us align and move in the direction of our soul’s path.  We are deeply loved and supported. And so, we might start getting in touch with a sense of Trust.

As we begin to Trust, we release the need for control and so, we become more receptive and able to listen to our inner guide, which in turn will give us directions on how to deal with our current situation.

Of course, this is not something we achieve on the first go, but the more we practice, the quicker we can get from dropping anchor to trusting and allowing for the light to come through us and guide us on what action to take and the direction we need to move towards.

A sense of peace and relief will be achieved and we will be able to drop the struggle.

Please give this method a go and let me know how you go. Leave some comments below.

Perhaps you are able to achieve contacting the present moment only at first, but this is a great start.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

2021, What is in store for us?

We have discussed 2020 in previous articles. A year that was here to shake the ground, remove what needed to disappear in order to give room to the new foundations. 
2+0+2+0=4. 4 is known as harmony through conflict, so in order to create the harmony, the new structure, there has to be a period of destruction, movement, disruption.
20 symbolises gestation, so we have been gestating what is to be born soon.
The year finalised with the marker of the move into the age of Aquarius. Of course, this is a transition and it will take time for us to fully live in this new energy.
The year 2021 brings a different vibration. If we look at it as it is, 20 and 21, we can see there is a sequence to be followed. A continuation of what was happening in 2020, but with a difference.  
21 speaks of giving birth to an idea.  So, in this year we start cementing the new ideas. 21 can help us bring out our gifts into the world if we allow ourselves to align to the Bigger Plan.
2+0+2+1=5. 5 brings the vibration of change, but after studying what happened before, after analysing, understanding it, so it can bring an upliftment and a different perspective to the situation.  So, we might expect a lot of revelations that will result in improvements, and moving into a better way of living.
If we look at 2021 as 20+2+1=23/5.  23 is a very sensitive number.  We could go up and down.  We could have emotional moments, but we need to use our emotions as guides, rather than an excuse to be thrown off the rails.  Let’s look at anything that comes up for us, acknowledge it, accept it, give it room, and see what misunderstandings need to be disolved and resolved.  In this way, we will be able to come closer to expressing our gifts that may have been hidden up to now.
This is a year to reveal your gifts, to deepen your intuition and should you accept to work in your life’s mission, a year of expansion and growth.
I see it as a less violent year, although there might be some difficult revelations that may take us by surprise.  Let’s embrace this new year with excitement. Let’s honour our inner Truth and live in accordance to the guidance of our heart.
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The Joke

On Christmas day, we decided to go to the beach.  Back in Colombia, where we come from, we celebrate on Christmas eve, so on Christmas day we rest.  So, the beach seemed like a fine idea.

We were aware that in Australia there are not many things operating on Christmas day, so we had a late and generous breakfast and were headed towards the beach.

We had a lovely time by the water.  The Sun was out and strong, so we found a shaded area where we could rest without being roasted by the heat.  We sat down and later took a little siesta that felt like heaven, as we were lulled by the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.

Hunger started to appear, our stomachs started to rumble, so we decided to adventure and find a place to eat.  As predicted, the cafes that were located by the water were all closed, so we decided to take a drive and see whether we could find food without having to wait for the drive back home.

We agreed we didn’t want to eat at one of the common fast food places, which of course was open. We kept driving a little more and suddenly we saw a place by the main street, which although it didn’t look as good as the cafes that were by the water, we thought could offer us more quality food than the fast food chain.  I wasn’t impressed with the menu, but thinking this was the best we would be able to find, we settled and decided to order some food.

After ordering, I had a bad feeling and decided to search for feedback about this place.  The reviews were not great, but we had already decided and waited for the food to arrive.

As per the reviews, the quality of the food was terrible.  There was more crumble than actual food, the fish didn’t feel fresh, the mixture was too salty and so on.  We did eat what we could, satisfying our immediate need for food, but were left with a terrible after taste and a disgusted sensation after having eaten garbage, bad quality food.

We got back into the car, getting ready to head back home.  As we were looking for the way to return to the main road, we had to go around the corner.  To our surprise, there, on the same block we had just settled for disgusting food, there were about 5 good quality restaurants next to each other.  It totally felt like a big joke. If only we had waited one more minute, we would have found all these beautiful restaurants and would have had amazing food.

This left me thinking on how many times we do this in life.  Not necessarily with food and with such short lasting consequences as the ones from our experience, but with much more important events in our life.  Instead of waiting a little more for the job, the relationship, the friend, the house that we would really like, we settle for whatever we find on the road, so we are not left alone, or without the pay and so on.

Be clear about what you want in your life and do not settle for less. What you want may just be around the corner.

Are you settling for less than you deserve?

Rainbow Bridge

We are coming to the end of 2020. As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, this has been a year that required a lot of shaking, removing the old, cleansing the ground to make room for the new.

Astrologically, the year started with a double planetary conjunction and was followed by 3 triple planetary conjunctions that took place throughout the year. At some point, there were 10 celestial bodies going in retrograde and numerologically there have been quite a few interesting and very powerful dates.  All this, has had an effect on everyone of us at different levels, according to where we are at in terms of our personal life cycles and our individual level of awareness.

In Australia, the year started with an intense fire season that began at the back end of 2019, which clearly sent a message of renewal and rebirth. Apart from other natural disasters, the world has seen a pandemic that has changed the way we live our lives.  It has asked us to re-evaluate our values, what truly matters for us and what we stand for.   It has helped us recognise the importance of human connections, it has brought to the light some of our deep seated fears, our shadows, and overall has shaken us, so we can take a stocktake and move forward in a new way.

2021 is a progression of what happened this year, helping us recognise our gifts and put them into use to move up into the next level.

But before that, we have this month to look forward to.  With Christmas upon us, people are starting to prepare for the festive season, and depending where in the world you live, this will take a different shape to that of previous years.  In Australia we are quite fortunate and perhaps our celebrations can go ahead as usual, but for so many people around the globe, this is not the case.  Christmas will have to be celebrated with so many restrictions and amongst so much uncertainty and fear.

However, for some, the real celebration is about what is taking place on the 21st of December: “The Magic Box activation at Uluru”.  This is related to a prophecy that says that crystals from the Pleiades that were placed inside Uluru are ready to be activated on the solstice on December 21st.  There is a caveat though, there has to be a certain amount of people with pure hearts connecting, so on that day, at 9:01 pm NT time, 9:05 pm AEST, please send love and divine energy to the site.  Also, do the work you’ve been asked to do in these recent times.  Meditate often and be mindful of any processes taken place within, so you can clear the old fears and programs you no longer need.

Many people are preparing meditation gatherings on that day and some have been summoned to actually go to Uluru.

It is said that upon the activation of these crystals, the vibration of the planet will raise considerably and it will help cleansing the Earth, and all who are able to tune in will live at this higher vibration.

This prophecy has been only known to the Aboriginal tribe of the Uluru country and they have been working and doing ceremonies for 9 years already.

This rise in vibration will help us connect to so many gifts that we haven’t recognised until this point in time, which ties in with what 2021 has in store for us.  Being a year 5, we will be invited to “express” to the world who we truly are.

So, we are currently moving on a rainbow bridge that is taking us across from the old into the new.  It is a highly vibrational bridge that can only be walked if we decide to tune in and trust.

How are you feeling?  Have you had to leave anything behind?

Are you keeping a spiritual practice that is helping you balance any emotional fluctuations?

Tell us how you are doing.  We would love to know if you are sensing these changes.

11/11/2020 An invitation to alignment

This coming Wednesday, we have a very special day: 11/11/2020.

Have you been seeing 11:11 1:11 111 everywhere lately? Many have reported this has been happening to them, which is not surprising as we are coming to very special times.  Even if we don’t understand the meaning of these numbers, when we see them repeatedly we tend to pay attention.

Next time you see these numbers, be aware of what is in your mind at that moment in time, as this might give you a clue of what is needed from you.

11/11/2020 precedes the third of a triple conjunction between Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto this year.  This is not a usual cosmic event and we had three this year. At a general level, these conjunctions carry change, transformation and bring to the light those aspects of self that have been hidden and that are keeping us stuck in fear. These conjunctions are helping us move forward.

Many of you may have heard about the transition into the age of Aquarius, which has been marked as taking place from December 21st, 2020. On this day, there will be a double conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, which is meant to catalyse big shifts.

So, on the 11/11/2020 a portal opens up. This portal will allow you to connect more easily with your inner guide, so you understand what needs to be left behind, in order to take advantage of the upcoming shifts.

11 is known as the prophet in esoteric numerology.  If you look at the shape of number 11, you can see the “one” mirroring itself, symbolising man and his God.  In between, a space that symbolises the space to hold Spirit.  When using this energy in its most elevated form, we can be highly intuitive. The veil between the physical and the spiritual world becomes thin and if we “pay attention”, we will be able to listen to our inner guide with clarity.  

As a day, this becomes our field of experience and the way we see the world. Listen within to the messages, ideas, images, sensations. Observe the events that occur around you, as they will all provide a cue for you to follow.

11 as a month may add an intensity to the message and the impetus to act on those ideas. Observe your mood, as when the 11 is not used in its elevated state, it can bring bitterness.  This can also be a clue, as it might indicate you are not in alignment with your soul’s desires. Instead of judging yourself, simply listen with curiosity and see what needs to be adjusted.


22, as we have mentioned previously, is called the “master builder” in esoteric numerology. It wants for you to create, to build, to manifest what has been in the world of the ideas.  It is a time for movement; It is not a time to be static and contemplate. A 22 wants to build to transform what is, into a higher state.  It needs to build those ideas arising from your connection with your intuition, not from your mind.  So, beware and notice where your ideas are coming from.  Inner guidance is ALWAYS uplifting. It will never push you down.  It is not filled with emotion either; it is not impulsive.  It is a clear and very matter of fact instruction.

In previous posts, I have mentioned the 2 ways to see this year: It can be seen as a 4 (2+0+2+0) and/or as a 22 (20+2+0).

In that order of ideas, it follows that this day could be seen either a 26/8 (22+4), or as a 44/8 (22+22).

26 will push for alignment. It is a “rebirth of Karmic obedience”.  Something may have to die, in order to give birth to the new and will require some courage and strength.  It will require your conviction of what needs to be done.

44 will put us on our knees, it will give us no choice but to surrender to what is needed to be done.  If you are resisting, you may experience loss.  On the other hand, if you embrace the change, you will rejoice on the perspective of building a new way of life guided by the light.

This energy will prepare us for the next stage, which although full of change is a very uplifting movement if embraced, and if we adjust accordingly.

As always, this is only an invitation. If you decide to accept it and embrace it, make time to listen, pay attention and act upon your guidance with the confidence that you are truly supported.

Do you already know what you need to leave behind?  Do you know in what way you need to be renewed? Do you already know the changes that need to be done?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Happy shifting!

New Beginnings

Today feels like a new beginning.

The date, 19/10/2020. 

As I have mentioned before, the day gives us the field of experience.  In this case, we have 19.  19 is a leader, but not any leader, 19 is the selfless leader, so today, you may feel like a new chapter begins. One in which you lead your life from the point of view of service, coming from the heart.

10, the month, wanting for us to do this relying on self, independent of what others might think and believe.

19+10=29/11/2, which is the birth of light. Giving us the possibility to see life from a different perspective.  Once we have tuned in to our inner guide, our Higher Self, we can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Otherwise, we may feel trapped, like there is no way out.

The year, being a 4 or a 22/4, we get:
33 will prompt us to connect to our hearts, so we can hear their calling; and 51 will enable us to recognise our truth, taking off the masks of the past, revealing a new reality. So, this new chapter, this new way, comes from a reconnection to who we truly are. Only us have to know and understand this. Do not despair if others can’t see in the same way you do. This is your path, not theirs.

So, get up, shake off the sand from the last fall and walk with confidence in the direction your soul is guiding you to.

Be compassionate with yourself and take care!

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Contractions of the Universe

As any mother who has delivered their babies naturally would understand very clearly, when the time comes, we need to wait for the contractions in order to push.  Anything else is futile; we can exhaust ourselves pushing in between and nothing will happen.  It’s only when the contraction comes that we are able to use our energy effectively to push the baby out of the birth canal and then into the world.

In a similar way, we need to wait for the signals of the Universe, God, the Creative force, so we can move ahead with “our ideas”, change direction, or birth our creative projects into the world.  Sometimes, we push and push at the wrong time, as our human mind wants to see things happening and feels confused and in fear when there is a period of stagnation.  We exhaust ourselves and end up frustrated and may give up.

We also need to tune in and understand whether those ideas are the ones that our Soul wants to manifest as inspired by Spirit or we are just trying to create what our logical mind believes could be beneficial. This takes a bit of awareness.

Are we flowing through life, or are we resisting life?  Just like a surfer waiting for the right wave, it would serve us well to wait and ride with the wave, rather than forcing events to take place. When we are flowing with the energy, the right person crosses our path, the ideas flow naturally, we visit the right places at the right time, and lots of synchronicities occur to support us in our process.

We are living a unique time in history where we are given opportunities to grow and expand our consciousness tenfold.  How are you using this energy? Where are you directing your attention?  Are you listening within or is your mind taking over? Take a moment to ponder as it might be worth your time.

What to do, then?

This is my suggestion:

1. Stop. Go to a place close to nature if possible, as nature supports us connecting to our inner self.  It amplifies the signal, if you will. Take a moment to breath deeply.  Bring your body to a relaxed state.

2. Listen to your body. Scan your body and see whether there is one part that wants to call your attention and investigate. See if there is a place where you feel discomfort or whether you can recognise any emotions surging. If so, just like a curious scientist, observe what is causing the sensation. (eg. If you are feeling anxious, what is underneath the anxiety). Do not judge it, just observe it and see whether you can understand what it is trying to say. Do not do this with your mind. Truly feel into your sensations, your emotions and see if there are any images, ideas, words that come to you. This process make take a little while. Do not rush it.

3. Trust what you get.  By now, you would have gained a new understanding. You will get a sense of the next step.  Perhaps it is just to wait a little longer, perhaps you have realised that you have been resisting what life is presenting you. Perhaps your ideas come from fear and this is why you are feeling anxious. Whatever it is you find, trust and follow the message.

Sometimes, what we are asked to do scare us. Trust that you will be given the way if this is what you are meant to do. 

I invite you to give this a go and let me know if this exercise helped.