About Distance Healing

In this week’s video, Maria gives us a brief explanation of some basic concepts related to Distance Healing using Reiki. 

Maria is a Reiki Teacher and healer and has found Distance Healing to be a powerful tool to help people without the limitation of the physical location. In a distance healing, we can contact others, even if they are in an unconscious state.

Listen to this video to learn a bit more about this technique.

Maria has been practicing Reiki since 2007 and has been teaching since 2017.

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Just for Today, Do not Anger

“Just for Today, do not Anger!”

This is one of Reiki’s principles. It aims to help us be aware, and become more conscious of our actions and emotions one day at a time.

Easier said than done, right?

Anger is a survival instinct, and happens when we perceive something to threaten our survival, or what survival means to us. It may be a threat to our career, a threat to our self-worth, or even a threat to interrupt a smooth drive on a sunny day, a threat to whatever survival means to us will trigger anger.

If we observe ourselves every time anger is ignited in our lives, we will become aware of the things we believe are at risk and need protecting.  If we look deeply and gently, we will discover the pain in our hearts.

Instead of turning our faces away from the pain, we should look at it, accept it and love it until it dissolves.

Dear teacher and guide Soluntra King (https://www.evenstarcreations.com/), invites us, after taking a deep breath, say the words “I love it, I accept it, I embrace it, I surrender to it” over and over until the negative feelings are gone.

In some occasions, we may need to take action.  For example, if our boundaries are been violated, we may need to discuss and establish rules around them, or distance ourselves from the offending part.

However, many times, the emotion can be triggered by a false belief that may be ingrained in our subconscious, and only by bringing it out into the awareness, can we start our healing journey.  Not only self-regulation will become much easier, but as we heal, we will no longer be triggered.

Then, we may find ourselves without anger in our hearts and this principle will become second nature.

Can you remember what triggered your anger last time?  I invite you to practice this exercise and see how you feel after.

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Reiki Magic…is it?

Reiki is a beautiful energy healing technique brought to us by Dr. Mikao Usui at the end of the 1800s (History of Reiki).  The practitioner lays the hands on the client and works as a channel of divine love-life energy.

One of the main purposes for Reiki is self-care.  Once attuned, a person is able to give healing to oneself and is encouraged to do this on a daily basis as a self-care practice.

Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and brings about feelings of relaxation and deep peace after the treatment.  It helps to re-balance, nurture, restore.

One must be open to receive in order to be able to feel the benefits of a Reiki treatment, either when giving to self or receiving from a practitioner.  This is due to the free-will principle which operates at all times.

In saying this, if one truly wants to see change, commitment to taking action is necessary.  In all my years as a practitioner and now as a teacher, I have observed that although immediate healing is possible, it is more common to see a gentler and slower process, which allows for the overall wellbeing of the client.  Reiki supports us in creating the possibility of greater awareness and a rise in consciousness.  With this support, ideas, inspiration, need for change will arise.  It is up to the receiver to follow through, so an “wholistic” change/healing is possible.

Therein lies the magic of Reiki.  It is a very gentle divine inspired tool to support the client on their transformational journey.

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Mindfulness and The Four Agreements

Many years ago, on my path of self-improvement and the search for Truth, a beautiful Earth Angel put in my hands a book. This book was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Don Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican author, direct descendant from the ancient Toltecs, who has dedicated his life to share their wisdom. The Four Agreements is one of his bestselling books, where he teaches us very simple principles that can help change our lives.

Realising that we see life through the light of our own “smoky mirror”, Don Miguel Ruiz encourages us to unlearn so many agreements we have made since we were very young and instead, presents us with a very simple formula that if put into practice, can be that thing that takes us to the next level of awareness, open our consciousness and reduce our suffering.

The proposed new agreements are:

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  2. Do not make Assumptions. If you are not sure, check. As we all see life from our own experience, we see things differently and we can’t assume or make conclusions without checking first. We sometimes take as a fact, a situation that only exists in our own mind, bringing unnecessary pain to our existence.
  3. Do not take anything personal. As said before, we all act from our own experience and from our own pain. Understanding that the way a person acts only has to do with the way they are feeling and seeing life at that moment in time and that it is not really related to us, we can free ourselves from fear of judgment and from getting offended by someone else’s story or behavior.
  4. Always do your best. And our best is not always the same. We can’t do as many things on a day we are feeling sick, as on a day that we are healthy and rested. There are days when we can run a marathon and others when we can’t get out of bed. Be compassionate with yourself and if you fail to practice the agreements one day, there is always another opportunity to try again.

This great gift given to us by Don Miguel Ruiz goes hand in hand with our Mindfulness practice. By practicing The Four Agreements we are forced to be aware of our every action and the impact it has in our own and other people’s lives. Out of the “automatic pilot”, we become more present and our actions will come from a place of love and are more balanced.