Just for Today, Do not Anger

“Just for Today, do not Anger!”

This is one of Reiki’s principles. It aims to help us be aware, and become more conscious of our actions and emotions one day at a time.

Easier said than done, right?

Anger is a survival instinct, and happens when we perceive something to threaten our survival, or what survival means to us. It may be a threat to our career, a threat to our self-worth, or even a threat to interrupt a smooth drive on a sunny day, a threat to whatever survival means to us will trigger anger.

If we observe ourselves every time anger is ignited in our lives, we will become aware of the things we believe are at risk and need protecting.  If we look deeply and gently, we will discover the pain in our hearts.

Instead of turning our faces away from the pain, we should look at it, accept it and love it until it dissolves.

Dear teacher and guide Soluntra King (https://www.evenstarcreations.com/), invites us, after taking a deep breath, say the words “I love it, I accept it, I embrace it, I surrender to it” over and over until the negative feelings are gone.

In some occasions, we may need to take action.  For example, if our boundaries are been violated, we may need to discuss and establish rules around them, or distance ourselves from the offending part.

However, many times, the emotion can be triggered by a false belief that may be ingrained in our subconscious, and only by bringing it out into the awareness, can we start our healing journey.  Not only self-regulation will become much easier, but as we heal, we will no longer be triggered.

Then, we may find ourselves without anger in our hearts and this principle will become second nature.

Can you remember what triggered your anger last time?  I invite you to practice this exercise and see how you feel after.

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