Day Numerology: 1/11/2019

Today, the beginning of November, brings a new energy to the world.

Coming from October, a month 10, when we were influenced to take action with a new level of understanding, and having recently experienced a New Moon in Scorpio, which according to many Astrologists was asking us to move into a new direction, aligning us more with our own Truth, we come into November, an 11 month. In Esoteric Numerology 11 means “The Prophet”. It talks about a need to go in and reconnect with our Inner Guide, with our Higher Self, with the Source of All that is, so we can be led into that new path or new way.

The energy of the day 1, gives us the drive to move into that new space, if we so choose.

1 + 11 = 12/3. The year 2019, 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12/3, therefore we have a double 12 energy moving us within. 12 is able to see beyond, the blueprint, the Divine Plan. The energy of 12 asks us to follow the Plan of God. It asks us to give up the lower mind desires, so we can align with the Greater Plan. Twice this energy, bringing in the 2, Love/Wisdom, which brings us together and Protects us.

In addition to this, 1/11/2019 12 + 12 = 24/6
24 in Esoteric Numerology is the “Alchemical transformation in Time and Space”, devotion to the group. Its challenge is to let go of control, which is necessary to allow that transformation. It needs to surrender and trust.

Today, the invitation is to find the space to connect to our Source, to God, Spirit or however you feel more comfortable calling this Universal, Creative, All encompassing loving energy, so you may be guided into this new direction or new way of behaving in the world, and surrender, give up your control and Trust that All is well and you are loved and protected. 

You may feel the need for introspection. Go within!

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