A Telephone Box or Time Machine?

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There are many British people who have made Australia home, and one of them decided to bring a piece of Britain to their current home.

A while ago, I was driving with my son through a semi rural area near where I live in Brisbane, Australia.  Suddenly, we see an old red telephone box, similar to the one in the picture, featured as part of one of the property’s outdoors decoration.

I thought it was hilarious to see this here, but what was most surprising to me was to hear my son say: “A time machine”.

My son is only 9 years old and he was born in the times of mobile phones, social media and instant communication.

He has never seen an actual telephone box, as by now they have all been removed.  To him, this could only be related to a time machine from one of the popular sci-fi shows.

What a mind opener this moment was for me! The meaning we give to things are not related to the actual object, but to our own conceptual mind structure, our stories and our life circumstances.

We might live our lives with some ideas about ourselves, some identification to who we are, or who we are supposed to be, some limiting beliefs that don’t allow us to grow and shift our reality.

I’m currently going through a 67/13/4 period and have been through a big transformational stage, where things are changing and expanding in my life. So, I noticed that I was stuck to certain ideas about myself that were not allowing me to accept great blessings into my life.  I noticed that this 67 period is helping me break those limiting beliefs and simply accept how I am being asked to use my gifts and serve.  It has taught me to be more flexible and detach from my own ideas.  After all, it is not my plan, but Thy Plan that I came here to execute.  As explained by Claudine Aegerter, the Principal of the Connaissance School of Numerology, 67 helps us “move from being a prisoner in our own minds to serve something higher”.

So, is it a time machine or a telephone box? It all depends on the consciousness observing the object in question.  Be ready to detach from your ideas of the world and its circumstances, be open to expand your awareness and accept a new concept to be presented in your life, so you can serve with devotion to the higher plan.



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2021, What is in store for us?

We have discussed 2020 in previous articles. A year that was here to shake the ground, remove what needed to disappear in order to give room to the new foundations. 
2+0+2+0=4. 4 is known as harmony through conflict, so in order to create the harmony, the new structure, there has to be a period of destruction, movement, disruption.
20 symbolises gestation, so we have been gestating what is to be born soon.
The year finalised with the marker of the move into the age of Aquarius. Of course, this is a transition and it will take time for us to fully live in this new energy.
The year 2021 brings a different vibration. If we look at it as it is, 20 and 21, we can see there is a sequence to be followed. A continuation of what was happening in 2020, but with a difference.  
21 speaks of giving birth to an idea.  So, in this year we start cementing the new ideas. 21 can help us bring out our gifts into the world if we allow ourselves to align to the Bigger Plan.
2+0+2+1=5. 5 brings the vibration of change, but after studying what happened before, after analysing, understanding it, so it can bring an upliftment and a different perspective to the situation.  So, we might expect a lot of revelations that will result in improvements, and moving into a better way of living.
If we look at 2021 as 20+2+1=23/5.  23 is a very sensitive number.  We could go up and down.  We could have emotional moments, but we need to use our emotions as guides, rather than an excuse to be thrown off the rails.  Let’s look at anything that comes up for us, acknowledge it, accept it, give it room, and see what misunderstandings need to be disolved and resolved.  In this way, we will be able to come closer to expressing our gifts that may have been hidden up to now.
This is a year to reveal your gifts, to deepen your intuition and should you accept to work in your life’s mission, a year of expansion and growth.
I see it as a less violent year, although there might be some difficult revelations that may take us by surprise.  Let’s embrace this new year with excitement. Let’s honour our inner Truth and live in accordance to the guidance of our heart.
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11/11/2020 An invitation to alignment

This coming Wednesday, we have a very special day: 11/11/2020.

Have you been seeing 11:11 1:11 111 everywhere lately? Many have reported this has been happening to them, which is not surprising as we are coming to very special times.  Even if we don’t understand the meaning of these numbers, when we see them repeatedly we tend to pay attention.

Next time you see these numbers, be aware of what is in your mind at that moment in time, as this might give you a clue of what is needed from you.

11/11/2020 precedes the third of a triple conjunction between Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto this year.  This is not a usual cosmic event and we had three this year. At a general level, these conjunctions carry change, transformation and bring to the light those aspects of self that have been hidden and that are keeping us stuck in fear. These conjunctions are helping us move forward.

Many of you may have heard about the transition into the age of Aquarius, which has been marked as taking place from December 21st, 2020. On this day, there will be a double conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, which is meant to catalyse big shifts.

So, on the 11/11/2020 a portal opens up. This portal will allow you to connect more easily with your inner guide, so you understand what needs to be left behind, in order to take advantage of the upcoming shifts.

11 is known as the prophet in esoteric numerology.  If you look at the shape of number 11, you can see the “one” mirroring itself, symbolising man and his God.  In between, a space that symbolises the space to hold Spirit.  When using this energy in its most elevated form, we can be highly intuitive. The veil between the physical and the spiritual world becomes thin and if we “pay attention”, we will be able to listen to our inner guide with clarity.  

As a day, this becomes our field of experience and the way we see the world. Listen within to the messages, ideas, images, sensations. Observe the events that occur around you, as they will all provide a cue for you to follow.

11 as a month may add an intensity to the message and the impetus to act on those ideas. Observe your mood, as when the 11 is not used in its elevated state, it can bring bitterness.  This can also be a clue, as it might indicate you are not in alignment with your soul’s desires. Instead of judging yourself, simply listen with curiosity and see what needs to be adjusted.


22, as we have mentioned previously, is called the “master builder” in esoteric numerology. It wants for you to create, to build, to manifest what has been in the world of the ideas.  It is a time for movement; It is not a time to be static and contemplate. A 22 wants to build to transform what is, into a higher state.  It needs to build those ideas arising from your connection with your intuition, not from your mind.  So, beware and notice where your ideas are coming from.  Inner guidance is ALWAYS uplifting. It will never push you down.  It is not filled with emotion either; it is not impulsive.  It is a clear and very matter of fact instruction.

In previous posts, I have mentioned the 2 ways to see this year: It can be seen as a 4 (2+0+2+0) and/or as a 22 (20+2+0).

In that order of ideas, it follows that this day could be seen either a 26/8 (22+4), or as a 44/8 (22+22).

26 will push for alignment. It is a “rebirth of Karmic obedience”.  Something may have to die, in order to give birth to the new and will require some courage and strength.  It will require your conviction of what needs to be done.

44 will put us on our knees, it will give us no choice but to surrender to what is needed to be done.  If you are resisting, you may experience loss.  On the other hand, if you embrace the change, you will rejoice on the perspective of building a new way of life guided by the light.

This energy will prepare us for the next stage, which although full of change is a very uplifting movement if embraced, and if we adjust accordingly.

As always, this is only an invitation. If you decide to accept it and embrace it, make time to listen, pay attention and act upon your guidance with the confidence that you are truly supported.

Do you already know what you need to leave behind?  Do you know in what way you need to be renewed? Do you already know the changes that need to be done?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Happy shifting!

New Beginnings

Today feels like a new beginning.

The date, 19/10/2020. 

As I have mentioned before, the day gives us the field of experience.  In this case, we have 19.  19 is a leader, but not any leader, 19 is the selfless leader, so today, you may feel like a new chapter begins. One in which you lead your life from the point of view of service, coming from the heart.

10, the month, wanting for us to do this relying on self, independent of what others might think and believe.

19+10=29/11/2, which is the birth of light. Giving us the possibility to see life from a different perspective.  Once we have tuned in to our inner guide, our Higher Self, we can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Otherwise, we may feel trapped, like there is no way out.

The year, being a 4 or a 22/4, we get:
33 will prompt us to connect to our hearts, so we can hear their calling; and 51 will enable us to recognise our truth, taking off the masks of the past, revealing a new reality. So, this new chapter, this new way, comes from a reconnection to who we truly are. Only us have to know and understand this. Do not despair if others can’t see in the same way you do. This is your path, not theirs.

So, get up, shake off the sand from the last fall and walk with confidence in the direction your soul is guiding you to.

Be compassionate with yourself and take care!

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8/8/2020 Release the old to give space to the New

Today, is the peak of the Lion’s gate. A yearly portal presented by the alignment of Earth with Sirius, our galaxy’s Central Sun. It gives us an opportunity to transcend different aspects of our personality that may be keeping us “stuck” and expand our consciousness.

In esoteric numerology 8 is a number that will push us to re-evaluate, discriminate what needs to be left behind, in order for us to align to our purpose.  

As a day, it gives us the field of vision, so don’t be surprised if you become a bit contemplative, pondering upon the things that may need to be reconsidered and maybe done differently. This could include behaviours, attitudes, your life path, friendships and so on.  As a month, it gives us the rhythm, so you may feel like you are in a rollercoaster and your emotions might be stirred.


8+8=16/7 16 wants us to clear the illusion. It wants us to remove anything that is blocking our clear vision, so we can reflect the light of the soul as intended. There might be old resentments, misunderstandings, painful situations that come to mind or to our awareness to be looked at, resolved and dissolved.  This is a continuous work and it is not a one day job, but you may be presented with the opportunity to look deeply within and start healing the pain that might be clouding your vision.

The year, 2020, seen as a 4, 16+4=20/2, will help you understand the possibilities of what could be if only you left behind the rubbish, the baggage.  You may be presented with ideas that want to be materialised.  You may see what is between you and those ideas.  How can you cross the bridge?

If we look at the year as a 22, 16+22=38/11/2, the Breakthrough, providing a new way an inspiration a realisation that might help you evolve.

If we look at the day as 88 and the year as 22, there are 2 master numbers supporting us to get rid of the old patterns that no longer serve us and create a new reality based on the light.  The 88 is the “Masters of destruction of the useless”, pushing us to eliminate from our lives, those things that are not supporting us to our growth and evolution.  22, the “Master builder”, using our emotional system to guide us in the construction of our inner temple.

Be ready to look within, and listen to what you are guided to leave behind and trust that it will lead you to alignment to your life’s purpose.

What are you letting go of?

11/7/2020 Birthing a New World

Having just experienced 3 eclipses within a month, the energy has been stirred.  Some old issues may have come back to the surface to be dealt with and/or the need for doing things differently may be very evident.

11 is a master number. Being the day, it holds the potential for us to be inspired.  In Esoteric Numerology, 11 is the prophet, a channel of light; capable of receiving a vision that comes from a Higher place. So, be mindful of any ideas that come to mind, observe your thoughts and take note.

7 as the month, the rhythm at which the day will need to move, may cause us to experience some fear, that may transform into enthusiasm and therefore bring healing as we break a mindset of the old way of being.

11+7=18/9. The 8 will want for us to re-evaluate the way we have been behaving in the past, so useless habits, paradigms and thoughts are left behind, bringing wisdom.

The year can be seen as a 4 (2+0+2+0) or as a 22 (20+2+0).

If we look at the addition of the numbers using the 4, we get 18+4=22/4.  22 is the Master builder and wants to transform the dark into light.  So, having gained the wisdom after breaking old mindsets (18/9), a new foundation will need to be laid with a lighter and much more evolved essence.

Looking at the year as a 22, we get 18+22=40/4. 40 holds an aspect of rebirth.  It might not be an easy energy to deal with, as it will ask us to let go of our comfort zone and explore new possibilities that are coming from a newly gained perspective of life.  Letting go of old habits and our way of being is not necessarily and easy task and we might experience some inner conflict.  However, the outlook is too good to be dismissed and we may have the endurance to move ahead, despite the fear.

Stirring old emotions, pains and mindsets might be uncomfortable, but necessary if we want to evolve and grow.  The old skin might not fit anymore and we may feel constrained, so sooner or later we might just feel the impending and irreversible change, so we can rebuild and birth our new, greater and better world.

Does this match what you are feeling right now?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

4/4/2020 Expanding our Perspective

This coming Saturday 4th of April, brings a very powerful energy to the world.

Amidst the current crisis the world is facing, where everyone is a bit lost and trying to find their bearings, this energy will be welcome.

Apart from being a 4 4 4 day, as April is the 4th month and 2020 is a 4 year, it coincides with the first conjunction of Pluto with Jupiter in Capricorn. Astrologists explain that this conjunction will occur 3 times in 2020. This conjunction, will help us uncover deep truths and therefore help us see with a regenerated vision.

Looking at the energy the numbers of this day brings, we can explore different aspects of what this may mean for us.

The day gives us the field of experience; the personality, if you will. 4 speaks about a structure. The 4 sees things according to its point of view and its challenge is to see beyond the square. it can be a bit stubborn.

The month provides the rhythm. 4 is very busy building. It feels the responsibility to carry out the Plan and build a new structure.  It wants to bring the 4 of the day into alignment, which causes a re-evaluation (4+4=8) of the original idea of the structure.

The day and the month can also be seen as a 44.  This number is “The Great Survivor” and needs to learn to surrender.

The year, which we have explored before, is a 4 (2+0+2+0), which is “Harmony through Conflict”, again speaking about building a new structure.  Seen as 20+2+0, we get 22, which is the “Master Builder” and needs to learn to build a better world.

In here, we find a few clues.

We can see the 8 (4+4) and the 4 of the year (2+0+2+0) and look at the energy of 84. 84 is the “Guru”. It’s in contact with the Soul and knows what needs to be built. It sees from a higher perspective.

Looking at the day as 4+4+4=12/3. 12 has to find its unique voice. 12 corresponds to the Hung Man in the Tarot. The Hung Man is upside down and is happy as it is finally able to see from a different perspective.  And so, 12 has to be able to connect with Spirit and act from this newly gained perspective of life and the world.

Looking at the day as 4+4+22=30/3. 30 asks to “let the Light reveal the Divine Life”.  It is seeking for the Vision.

We can also see the energy of this day revealed on 44+4=48/12/3.  48 requires a breakdown to breakthrough.

All these numbers are pointing in one direction: A new level of awareness, elevated consciousness. New things will be revealed and this will allow for us to create new solutions, a new way of living life.

This is a process, but as I see it, it allows for new beginnings under a new light.

Connect with our Source, meditate, pray, strengthen your spiritual practice and access this new code of light and create your new world.


What a year this has been so far!

Just looking in Australia, we started the year with a terrible drought and the most devastating bushfire season in recorded history.

We all prayed for rain and we got it, but it rained so much, we started flooding.

Some lives were lost and some people lost all they had.  It brought a big sense of grief and loss amongst many communities.

Shortly after that, we saw in awe how quickly nature was restoring itself, bringing hope and a promise of renewal.

Not long after that, the newly discovered Coronavirus started taking importance in the news and now we are facing a worldwide pandemic.  Let’s take into account, we are only in March.

I remember starting the year with so much joy as 2020 looked very promising.  Let me remind you why:

2020 can be seen in a few ways.

Some people like to see it as 20 20, reminding them of a perfect vision.  Meaning to them that this is a year where things can be seen as they are.  An opportunity to clear our vision from all the smoke of the illusions and pain of the past. Fair enough!

Numerologically speaking, 2020 can be seen as a year 4, given that 2+0+2+0=4.

In Esoteric Numerology, 4 is called “Harmony through Conflict”.  It brings a new structure, not without stirring the pot and creating some chaos. Catching the hint already?

2020 can also be seen as 20+2+0=22/4.  In Esoteric Numerology, 22 is called “The Master Builder”.  The Master Builder needs to learn to build a better world. A world that aligns with the Divine Plan. It needs to transform the darkness into something clear.  It supposes an upliftment in the spiritual vibration. But this process, can’t be gentle. A new structure has to be laid, so the old has to go.

So far, this is what we are seeing in the world; some chaos, destruction, but just like in the case of the Australian bushfires where nature started an amazing rebirthing process, so will we.

We have already seen the moving images of what’s happening in Italy, where communities are coming together to cheer themselves up while in self-isolation and so this is what comes next: A rebirth.

Now, the 19/3/2020 is a fabulous date to look at as 19+3=22, so you have a double 22. Let me elaborate.

The day, the 19, will set the feel for the day, as the day gives us the field of experience. 19 in Esoteric Numerology is the “Selfless Leader”. It guides others in a new direction. It is also a 10, as 1+9=10 and 10 needs courage to move forward. It holds the energy of 1, as 1+0=1. It has the ideas, it has the drive, it has the fiery energy to do it. So, we could say that this day, may mark the need to move into a new direction.

The month, provides the rhythm. 3 knows the details of the Plan. It has the Blueprint. So, the 3 gives direction to the 19. 19+3=22. So, this day we see the direction of our move, so we can build a new world.

Now we have a 22 22 day. Double the vibration. A predominance of the 2 energy, which vibrates to Love/Wisdom. Love being the only thing that brings everything and everyone together. As I write this, I get shivers as I sense a new dimension of Compassion and Unconditional Love being accessible to all, so we can see life in a new perspective; a perspective of Love.

22+22=44/8. 44 is asked to surrender. It is the dying of our way to allow Thy Way.

We can also see the day as 22+4=26/8.  26 in Esoteric Numerology is “Lord Karma”, a rebirth of Karmic obedience, which is consistent with the energy of the 44, where we need to re-align to the Plan of God or our Source.

26/8 or 44/8, they both carry the energy of 8. 8 transforms, constantly bringing the Light into Matter.

This day is very close to the Equinox, which marks a change of season. In Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, we move into Autumn.  In the Northern Hemisphere, into Spring.

But to me, this day brings much more than a change of season. It brings the possibility of an upliftment of our vibrational energy to align with the energy of Love and live our lives from this place. What will you choose?

Note: Number interpretations are in accordance to the studies at the Connaissance School of Numerology

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Knowing the vibration of the energy a day carries, supports us in taking advantage and exploring all possibilities. It gives us certainty and provides a map to move forward with confidence.

The 3/3/2020 is a good day to start something new; let me expand…

3 is the number of the blueprint.  It is the one that can see the idea.  It is the one that looks at all the elements required to materialise it.  It holds the inspiration and is very creative.

As a day, it may bring the possibility to access new ideas.

As a month, it will mark the rhythm at which we move, so it will ask us to organise the ideas in our mind, to then form the concept that wants to come forward.

If we see 3 3 as a 33, we would really have to connect to our hearts, so this new concept that wants to take shape comes from a higher place, from our Source, rather than from our limited minds, which are often clouded by our own needs and wants.

3+3=6 6 wants to create beauty, harmony and balance; it wants to enhance. So, these ideas and new concept will bring almost a new state of being.

The year 2020, as many people have said, creates an upliftment in the way we see things. It will provide the means for those ideas to manifest, as 2+0+2+0=4 and 4 make the idea viable.  4 knows what to do, it holds the structure, gives the endurance to see it done.  Things might need to shift, change, in order to create room for the new things to emerge and come through.

Seeing the year as 22, 20+2+0=22, this is the Master Builder. 22 asks us to feel, so we can get in touch with our intuition.  This will allow us to build in a way that will align us with our life’s purpose.



These numbers (28/10/1), request that we have the courage to work in this new endeavour and trust our inner guidance.

This, in combination with the vibration of our own personal cycles, will give us the drive to move in the direction our soul needs us to.

Pay attention, take a moment to be still and see what the next step is; take a moment to listen within and understand that new direction, that new idea that wants to come through.  Flow with the energy and the rest will line up with ease.

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On the 10th of January, 2020, we are having a lunar eclipse, which closes the window opened by the recent Solar eclipse we had in December 2019. A very intense time to catalyse changes that are required for our next stage.

For this reason, I wanted to look at this day from the Esoteric Numerology point of view.

In a previous post, we discussed the energy of 10 as a day. 10 being the “Rebirth of Spirit in Matter”, a day 10 will request from us to see things from a new perspective. From a newly acquired understanding of life.  With the drive of the 1, it requires courage to take action as what is seen and understood, is different to what we were used to and so, we are required to move in a new direction.

The energy of the month is 1.  The month gives the rhythm to the day. 1 wants to take the lead, it has the drive and the fire energy to move. So, it will support the 10, so it is not stopped by fear, which can also be present in 10.

10+1=11. 11 is a Master number and in Esoteric Numerology, it is “The Prophet”.  The Prophet has the capacity to see beyond the appearance and there is an opportunity to align ourselves with our Inner Guide more easily, so we can move forward as we are guided by our Higher Self.

The year can be seen in 2 ways:

2+0+2+0=4. 4 is able to materialise the idea. It brings a structure to the Plan. It is a very busy number as it needs to bring all the pieces together and has the responsibility to execute while breaking its own limitations.  So, we could say, in 2020, we are creating a new structure. A new way of being.


20+2+0=22/4.  22 is also a Master Number. 2×11. In Esoteric Numerology, it is called the “Master Builder”.  It carries a transformative energy, bringing light into the world.  It requires collaboration.  It contains the intuition of the 11 and the Love/wisdom of the 2.  It brings the group together.  What an amazing year this is.

If we look at the year as 4, then 11+4=15/6.  15 in Esoteric Numerology is the “Intuitive Teacher”. To become intuitive, it requires to connect with its Higher Self and move from this place.  Otherwise, it can be manipulative. So, a decision is required: “Who do I serve?”

This day, we are given a choice to shift to a higher level of consciousness and raise our vibration. If we decide to devote ourselves to the material world, we might continue to see life as a very difficult experience.

If we look at the year as 22, then 11+22=33/6.33 is another Master Number. 3×11. 33 can be “The Saviour” if aligned.  With the intuition of the 11 and the vision of the 3.  It needs to open its heart and connect to others’ needs and realise we are One. Become compassion and serve from this place.

When not aligned, the 33 can feel as a martyr. Everything can become too much and painful.

This day offers a possibility for an upliftment of our beings, so we can move in a new direction, according to the new structure that is built.  It marks a new stage. How do you want to live it?