Acceptance and Allowing

On my last article, we discussed “Coping with the current environment”.  We looked at the Numerology patterns and provided some recommendations on tools that can alleviate fear and anxiety and help regain peace and calm.
Continuing on this theme, I would like to focus on a very important topic: Acceptance and Allowing the present moment.
Some of you know I am a Counsellor and I am very passionate about a type of therapy called ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).  The reason I am so passionate about it, is because it aims to help people contact the present moment, accept and allow whatever circumstances are in their lives and from that space, act in accordance to their values.  This means that no matter what the current situation is, as they accept it and allow space for that in their lives, they are able to take action freely. They are able to flow easier with whatever life puts in front of them.  This is a fabulous tool!
Today, we are facing circumstances that are beyond our control. There is a lot more perceived uncertainty, and in addition to that, for those of you who are sensitive, the massive changes taking place in the unseen world, may be taking a toll in your physical body.  You may be feeling tired, low in energy and not being able to complete your required tasks, which may be adding to the frustration of having your life disrupted and having to walk on uncharted territory with limited tools.
 What is acceptance? According to some dictionaries, acceptance is a “process”. It is the process of embracing what is received.  It is also defined as a “state”.  We know that acceptance doesn’t just happen. We first need to make a decision. So, in order for it to happen, you need to make the decision to accept what is happening right now. As you make that decision, you start allowing this situation in your life and immediately a need for understanding where you are standing and what that means, arises. You will then want to find your bearings and ground yourself, in order to know what action to take and in what direction to move.  At this point, it is very important to understand what your values are, so any action you take goes inline with what matters to you in life.
My invitation is then to clarify your values, to really know what you stand for in life and after making the decision to accept where you are standing, decide what actions can be taken right now, without fighting or resisting.
As Eckhart Tolle says: “whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists”.
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