By nearly dying, she saved my life!

A few years ago, I was going through a difficult time in my marriage.  At this point, I knew what I needed to do, but it was too scary.  I was suffering too much, but I was scared to do anything.
P1060873I was at this crossroads when one of my best friends from school suffered a stroke all of a sudden.  She went into a comma and we didn’t know if she would survive.

It all went through my head really quickly.  She had been through a lot of stress at her workplace and she tried to cope with it as much as she could.  It became too much for her and she finally decided to leave that company.  I remember her telling me how relieved she was for doing this.  A week later, she had the stroke…

She had stayed in this stressing environment for too long.  Was it too late for her now?

What a wake up call this was for me!

Life is NOW, not tomorrow!  How long was I going to postpone my life for? You are here today, tomorrow is uncertain.  If you don’t do what your heart is telling you to do now, you may never get to do it…What was I waiting for?

I realised my light was dimming.  I was slowly dying in this bad relationship…Was I going to die without having enjoyed my life?  Amongst the pain I was feeling by witnessing what my friend was going through, my fear couldn’t hold me prisoner anymore.

I knew what I had to do and this gave me the courage to go ahead despite of the fear I had as I knew all I was going to go through to be able to rescue my own life.

My friend started to wake up from her comma and I was waking up with her.  While she was working on restoring her body, I was going to rebuild my own life.

I decided to separate. It was a very difficult decision.  Like a tower that breaks in a thousand pieces after an earthquake, all the structures in my life fell apart and I fell to the ground with them.  However, I knew this was my chance to put everything back together in the right place.  It was my chance to start living the life I wanted. I got up, dusted the debris and kept going.

Despite the chaos around me, I felt deep peace.  A peace I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I asked God for strength everyday and kept going.  I started listening to my heart and followed its guidance.

It has been 3 years since my wake up call and I can report I’m finally living! I’m finally enjoying my life.  My light is shining bright and strong!

My friend’s life lesson is always in my heart and helps me live my life fully.

I’m forever grateful as by nearly dying, she saved my life!

Is there anything your heart is telling you to do and have been postponing?

Leave comments and let me know how this relates to you.


Ps. My friend lived on to tell us all about her experience and the learnings that came with that.  She wrote a great book: “El Gozo de Existir” (The Joy of Living).  It is written in Spanish.  If you would like to check her book out, go to amzn.to/23lEAep

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