Having just experienced 3 eclipses within a month, the energy has been stirred.  Some old issues may have come back to the surface to be dealt with and/or the need for doing things differently may be very evident.

11 is a master number. Being the day, it holds the potential for us to be inspired.  In Esoteric Numerology, 11 is the prophet, a channel of light; capable of receiving a vision that comes from a Higher place. So, be mindful of any ideas that come to mind, observe your thoughts and take note.

7 as the month, the rhythm at which the day will need to move, may cause us to experience some fear, that may transform into enthusiasm and therefore bring healing as we break a mindset of the old way of being.

11+7=18/9. The 8 will want for us to re-evaluate the way we have been behaving in the past, so useless habits, paradigms and thoughts are left behind, bringing wisdom.

The year can be seen as a 4 (2+0+2+0) or as a 22 (20+2+0).

If we look at the addition of the numbers using the 4, we get 18+4=22/4.  22 is the Master builder and wants to transform the dark into light.  So, having gained the wisdom after breaking old mindsets (18/9), a new foundation will need to be laid with a lighter and much more evolved essence.

Looking at the year as a 22, we get 18+22=40/4. 40 holds an aspect of rebirth.  It might not be an easy energy to deal with, as it will ask us to let go of our comfort zone and explore new possibilities that are coming from a newly gained perspective of life.  Letting go of old habits and our way of being is not necessarily and easy task and we might experience some inner conflict.  However, the outlook is too good to be dismissed and we may have the endurance to move ahead, despite the fear.

Stirring old emotions, pains and mindsets might be uncomfortable, but necessary if we want to evolve and grow.  The old skin might not fit anymore and we may feel constrained, so sooner or later we might just feel the impending and irreversible change, so we can rebuild and birth our new, greater and better world.

Does this match what you are feeling right now?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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