Today, is the peak of the Lion’s gate. A yearly portal presented by the alignment of Earth with Sirius, our galaxy’s Central Sun. It gives us an opportunity to transcend different aspects of our personality that may be keeping us “stuck” and expand our consciousness.

In esoteric numerology 8 is a number that will push us to re-evaluate, discriminate what needs to be left behind, in order for us to align to our purpose.  

As a day, it gives us the field of vision, so don’t be surprised if you become a bit contemplative, pondering upon the things that may need to be reconsidered and maybe done differently. This could include behaviours, attitudes, your life path, friendships and so on.  As a month, it gives us the rhythm, so you may feel like you are in a rollercoaster and your emotions might be stirred.


8+8=16/7 16 wants us to clear the illusion. It wants us to remove anything that is blocking our clear vision, so we can reflect the light of the soul as intended. There might be old resentments, misunderstandings, painful situations that come to mind or to our awareness to be looked at, resolved and dissolved.  This is a continuous work and it is not a one day job, but you may be presented with the opportunity to look deeply within and start healing the pain that might be clouding your vision.

The year, 2020, seen as a 4, 16+4=20/2, will help you understand the possibilities of what could be if only you left behind the rubbish, the baggage.  You may be presented with ideas that want to be materialised.  You may see what is between you and those ideas.  How can you cross the bridge?

If we look at the year as a 22, 16+22=38/11/2, the Breakthrough, providing a new way an inspiration a realisation that might help you evolve.

If we look at the day as 88 and the year as 22, there are 2 master numbers supporting us to get rid of the old patterns that no longer serve us and create a new reality based on the light.  The 88 is the “Masters of destruction of the useless”, pushing us to eliminate from our lives, those things that are not supporting us to our growth and evolution.  22, the “Master builder”, using our emotional system to guide us in the construction of our inner temple.

Be ready to look within, and listen to what you are guided to leave behind and trust that it will lead you to alignment to your life’s purpose.

What are you letting go of?

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