Numbers related to each day bring a vibration into the realm of possibilities. They invite us to move in a certain direction and we may choose to flow or go against the flow.

The 12/12/2019 is vibrationally, a very important day.  It offers a gateway to move into a higher, more aligned and freer life if we so choose to.

12 in Esoteric Numerology is the Light in the Trinity.  As the day of the month, it invites us to tune into our feeling side and observe, so we can break the patterns of the past and see that the light we are receiving, comes from our Source, our Creator.  This will allow us to follow our guidance without fear.  We may feel the need of doing things in a new way.

The corresponding Tarot card is the “Hangman”. The Hangman is upside down.  He is finally seeing the world from a new perspective.  He is releasing himself from the ropes that had him prisoner, without attachments. He gives everything up, in order to receive the “gift of the Soul”.  Letting go of the old ways with detachment would facilitate the upliftment process. Otherwise, we may feel like the victim of any situations that may be going on in our lives.

12, is a 3 (1+2=3). 3 represents the Blueprint in Esoteric Numerology.  This day, we have the possibility to see beyond what is apparent, so pay attention. Observe your feelings, your emotions as they may show you the required changes in your life.

The month is also a 12/3. The month tells us about the rhythm, the pace at which we need to move in order to be in alignment with our Higher Self.  12 asks us to move beyond the current paradigms and allow ourselves to communicate our heart’s desires.  Not the emotional heart, but the one that is able to communicate at a deeper level and knows beyond the knowing.

If you look at the day and month as a reduction of 12/3, you get 33, which once again invites us to open our hearts and act from that compassionate place.  Observe your thoughts, so this doesn’t take you the other way and feel like a martyr or a victim of the world.

12+12=24/6.  24 in Esoteric Numerology represents “Service to the group”. What is your group? Your family, your employees, your community? How are you serving the group? Check that this care is allowing and not suffocating.  The invitation is let go of the need to control and allow the transformation.

The year is also a 12/3. The year speaks of the work we need to do in order to deliver the job that has been assigned to us. As explained before when mentioning the Hangman, we are asked to change our perspective, to turn around.

20 (of the century) +1+9 = 30/3. 30 represents an upliftment. To rise and “let the light reveal Divine life”.  So, it seems this is the culmination of the year. This day opens a portal that provides an opportunity for upliftment.

24+12=36/9. 36 represents the wisdom gained through experience.

24+30=54/9. 54 tells us it is time to teach and give our wisdom.

12 being a 3, we could also see: 3 (day) + 3 (month) = 6. 3 of the year, could also show 63. 63 talks about alignment.

And so, you can see why this day has been nominated as an “Ascension Gateway Opening”, a day to reveal your authentic Divine self. Leaving behind a fear based way of living to welcome the new way, free and filled with light.  It invites us to shift in consciousness.

It also coincides with the Full moon in Gemini. Full moons are times of completion. As Soluntra King mentions in her blog, this is a time of “completion in unison, aligning, bringing it all together”.

As this is an invitation and we have Free Will, you can choose to take advantage of this opportunity or not. What will you choose?

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N.M. Parga · December 12, 2019 at 8:44 pm

I choose to align my heart and my mind. I choose to harmonize my male and female polarities. Thank you!

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