4/4/2020 Expanding our Perspective

This coming Saturday 4th of April, brings a very powerful energy to the world.

Amidst the current crisis the world is facing, where everyone is a bit lost and trying to find their bearings, this energy will be welcome.

Apart from being a 4 4 4 day, as April is the 4th month and 2020 is a 4 year, it coincides with the first conjunction of Pluto with Jupiter in Capricorn. Astrologists explain that this conjunction will occur 3 times in 2020. This conjunction, will help us uncover deep truths and therefore help us see with a regenerated vision.

Looking at the energy the numbers of this day brings, we can explore different aspects of what this may mean for us.

The day gives us the field of experience; the personality, if you will. 4 speaks about a structure. The 4 sees things according to its point of view and its challenge is to see beyond the square. it can be a bit stubborn.

The month provides the rhythm. 4 is very busy building. It feels the responsibility to carry out the Plan and build a new structure.  It wants to bring the 4 of the day into alignment, which causes a re-evaluation (4+4=8) of the original idea of the structure.

The day and the month can also be seen as a 44.  This number is “The Great Survivor” and needs to learn to surrender.

The year, which we have explored before, is a 4 (2+0+2+0), which is “Harmony through Conflict”, again speaking about building a new structure.  Seen as 20+2+0, we get 22, which is the “Master Builder” and needs to learn to build a better world.

In here, we find a few clues.

We can see the 8 (4+4) and the 4 of the year (2+0+2+0) and look at the energy of 84. 84 is the “Guru”. It’s in contact with the Soul and knows what needs to be built. It sees from a higher perspective.

Looking at the day as 4+4+4=12/3. 12 has to find its unique voice. 12 corresponds to the Hung Man in the Tarot. The Hung Man is upside down and is happy as it is finally able to see from a different perspective.  And so, 12 has to be able to connect with Spirit and act from this newly gained perspective of life and the world.

Looking at the day as 4+4+22=30/3. 30 asks to “let the Light reveal the Divine Life”.  It is seeking for the Vision.

We can also see the energy of this day revealed on 44+4=48/12/3.  48 requires a breakdown to breakthrough.

All these numbers are pointing in one direction: A new level of awareness, elevated consciousness. New things will be revealed and this will allow for us to create new solutions, a new way of living life.

This is a process, but as I see it, it allows for new beginnings under a new light.

Connect with our Source, meditate, pray, strengthen your spiritual practice and access this new code of light and create your new world.

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