What a year this has been so far!

Just looking in Australia, we started the year with a terrible drought and the most devastating bushfire season in recorded history.

We all prayed for rain and we got it, but it rained so much, we started flooding.

Some lives were lost and some people lost all they had.  It brought a big sense of grief and loss amongst many communities.

Shortly after that, we saw in awe how quickly nature was restoring itself, bringing hope and a promise of renewal.

Not long after that, the newly discovered Coronavirus started taking importance in the news and now we are facing a worldwide pandemic.  Let’s take into account, we are only in March.

I remember starting the year with so much joy as 2020 looked very promising.  Let me remind you why:

2020 can be seen in a few ways.

Some people like to see it as 20 20, reminding them of a perfect vision.  Meaning to them that this is a year where things can be seen as they are.  An opportunity to clear our vision from all the smoke of the illusions and pain of the past. Fair enough!

Numerologically speaking, 2020 can be seen as a year 4, given that 2+0+2+0=4.

In Esoteric Numerology, 4 is called “Harmony through Conflict”.  It brings a new structure, not without stirring the pot and creating some chaos. Catching the hint already?

2020 can also be seen as 20+2+0=22/4.  In Esoteric Numerology, 22 is called “The Master Builder”.  The Master Builder needs to learn to build a better world. A world that aligns with the Divine Plan. It needs to transform the darkness into something clear.  It supposes an upliftment in the spiritual vibration. But this process, can’t be gentle. A new structure has to be laid, so the old has to go.

So far, this is what we are seeing in the world; some chaos, destruction, but just like in the case of the Australian bushfires where nature started an amazing rebirthing process, so will we.

We have already seen the moving images of what’s happening in Italy, where communities are coming together to cheer themselves up while in self-isolation and so this is what comes next: A rebirth.

Now, the 19/3/2020 is a fabulous date to look at as 19+3=22, so you have a double 22. Let me elaborate.

The day, the 19, will set the feel for the day, as the day gives us the field of experience. 19 in Esoteric Numerology is the “Selfless Leader”. It guides others in a new direction. It is also a 10, as 1+9=10 and 10 needs courage to move forward. It holds the energy of 1, as 1+0=1. It has the ideas, it has the drive, it has the fiery energy to do it. So, we could say that this day, may mark the need to move into a new direction.

The month, provides the rhythm. 3 knows the details of the Plan. It has the Blueprint. So, the 3 gives direction to the 19. 19+3=22. So, this day we see the direction of our move, so we can build a new world.

Now we have a 22 22 day. Double the vibration. A predominance of the 2 energy, which vibrates to Love/Wisdom. Love being the only thing that brings everything and everyone together. As I write this, I get shivers as I sense a new dimension of Compassion and Unconditional Love being accessible to all, so we can see life in a new perspective; a perspective of Love.

22+22=44/8. 44 is asked to surrender. It is the dying of our way to allow Thy Way.

We can also see the day as 22+4=26/8.  26 in Esoteric Numerology is “Lord Karma”, a rebirth of Karmic obedience, which is consistent with the energy of the 44, where we need to re-align to the Plan of God or our Source.

26/8 or 44/8, they both carry the energy of 8. 8 transforms, constantly bringing the Light into Matter.

This day is very close to the Equinox, which marks a change of season. In Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, we move into Autumn.  In the Northern Hemisphere, into Spring.

But to me, this day brings much more than a change of season. It brings the possibility of an upliftment of our vibrational energy to align with the energy of Love and live our lives from this place. What will you choose?

Note: Number interpretations are in accordance to the studies at the Connaissance School of Numerology

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