Time for Re-evaluation

At this point, we would all have heard about the situation in the Amazon jungle in Brazil, as well as other difficult events “exploding” in the world.

It seems like it is time to re-evaluate the way we are doing things and find alternatives.  It is not a gentle energy; action needs to be taken NOW.

We are in August, which is the month 8.  8 is about re-evaluation, discrimination. 2019 is a year 12 (2+0+1+9=12) and 8+12=20, which indicates gestation.  The gestation of a new time.  The gestation of a new way of being, which is required for us to move to the next step in consciousness.  We need to take action.  The situation can’t wait.

In the case of the Amazon jungle burning, a rainforest often referred as the lungs of the world as it produces approximately 20% of the oxygen of planet Earth, an important ecosystem with amazing biodiversity and Sacred land to many indigenous tribes, calls to an urgent worldwide movement to make changes if we want to survive.  Are we going to keep behaving for immediate self pleasure, or are we going to start looking at what benefits us all as a group?

This is in fact, the next path in evolution as we move from being selfish to becoming selfless.

Soluntra King (https://www.evenstarcreations.com/) gives us a way of looking at these situations from a higher perspective and instead of acting from fear, we can move from love, so our actions are guided by the light, rather than clouded by emotion.

I invite you to reflect and take steps in your own life.  We are not all meant to participate on street protests, or donate money to reconstruct what has been destroyed, but we can all make changes that will benefit the whole.  Change is in everyone’s hands.

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