On the 10th of January, 2020, we are having a lunar eclipse, which closes the window opened by the recent Solar eclipse we had in December 2019. A very intense time to catalyse changes that are required for our next stage.

For this reason, I wanted to look at this day from the Esoteric Numerology point of view.

In a previous post, we discussed the energy of 10 as a day. 10 being the “Rebirth of Spirit in Matter”, a day 10 will request from us to see things from a new perspective. From a newly acquired understanding of life.  With the drive of the 1, it requires courage to take action as what is seen and understood, is different to what we were used to and so, we are required to move in a new direction.

The energy of the month is 1.  The month gives the rhythm to the day. 1 wants to take the lead, it has the drive and the fire energy to move. So, it will support the 10, so it is not stopped by fear, which can also be present in 10.

10+1=11. 11 is a Master number and in Esoteric Numerology, it is “The Prophet”.  The Prophet has the capacity to see beyond the appearance and there is an opportunity to align ourselves with our Inner Guide more easily, so we can move forward as we are guided by our Higher Self.

The year can be seen in 2 ways:

2+0+2+0=4. 4 is able to materialise the idea. It brings a structure to the Plan. It is a very busy number as it needs to bring all the pieces together and has the responsibility to execute while breaking its own limitations.  So, we could say, in 2020, we are creating a new structure. A new way of being.


20+2+0=22/4.  22 is also a Master Number. 2×11. In Esoteric Numerology, it is called the “Master Builder”.  It carries a transformative energy, bringing light into the world.  It requires collaboration.  It contains the intuition of the 11 and the Love/wisdom of the 2.  It brings the group together.  What an amazing year this is.

If we look at the year as 4, then 11+4=15/6.  15 in Esoteric Numerology is the “Intuitive Teacher”. To become intuitive, it requires to connect with its Higher Self and move from this place.  Otherwise, it can be manipulative. So, a decision is required: “Who do I serve?”

This day, we are given a choice to shift to a higher level of consciousness and raise our vibration. If we decide to devote ourselves to the material world, we might continue to see life as a very difficult experience.

If we look at the year as 22, then 11+22=33/6.33 is another Master Number. 3×11. 33 can be “The Saviour” if aligned.  With the intuition of the 11 and the vision of the 3.  It needs to open its heart and connect to others’ needs and realise we are One. Become compassion and serve from this place.

When not aligned, the 33 can feel as a martyr. Everything can become too much and painful.

This day offers a possibility for an upliftment of our beings, so we can move in a new direction, according to the new structure that is built.  It marks a new stage. How do you want to live it?

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