Knowing the vibration of the energy a day carries, supports us in taking advantage and exploring all possibilities. It gives us certainty and provides a map to move forward with confidence.

The 3/3/2020 is a good day to start something new; let me expand…

3 is the number of the blueprint.  It is the one that can see the idea.  It is the one that looks at all the elements required to materialise it.  It holds the inspiration and is very creative.

As a day, it may bring the possibility to access new ideas.

As a month, it will mark the rhythm at which we move, so it will ask us to organise the ideas in our mind, to then form the concept that wants to come forward.

If we see 3 3 as a 33, we would really have to connect to our hearts, so this new concept that wants to take shape comes from a higher place, from our Source, rather than from our limited minds, which are often clouded by our own needs and wants.

3+3=6 6 wants to create beauty, harmony and balance; it wants to enhance. So, these ideas and new concept will bring almost a new state of being.

The year 2020, as many people have said, creates an upliftment in the way we see things. It will provide the means for those ideas to manifest, as 2+0+2+0=4 and 4 make the idea viable.  4 knows what to do, it holds the structure, gives the endurance to see it done.  Things might need to shift, change, in order to create room for the new things to emerge and come through.

Seeing the year as 22, 20+2+0=22, this is the Master Builder. 22 asks us to feel, so we can get in touch with our intuition.  This will allow us to build in a way that will align us with our life’s purpose.



These numbers (28/10/1), request that we have the courage to work in this new endeavour and trust our inner guidance.

This, in combination with the vibration of our own personal cycles, will give us the drive to move in the direction our soul needs us to.

Pay attention, take a moment to be still and see what the next step is; take a moment to listen within and understand that new direction, that new idea that wants to come through.  Flow with the energy and the rest will line up with ease.

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